Which Skills Are In-Demand in UAE?

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Is There a High Demand For Certain Skills in the UAE?

Companies in the UAE continue to grow and hire again, despite the Coronavirus pandemic. Accounting, cybersecurity and other professionals are needed by businesses in the country, according to recruitment company Robert Half.

Many employers, however, have difficulty finding qualified candidates. With leaner budgets and higher productivity targets, highly skilled candidates are in high demand. theblueprintblog

According to Robert Half’s Senior Associate Director of Middle East Recruitment, Gareth El Mettouri, companies in the UAE are rushing to hire in an attempt to make up for lost time. Various industries are looking for particular skills and qualifications, according to Robert Half’s latest report.

Advancements in Technology:

As digital transformation becomes a top priority for many businesses, the technology industry offers a variety of employment opportunities. MENA’s IT spending is expected to reach $171 billion this year, according to Gartner forecasts. The funds are to be used to acquire servers, applications, and infrastructure software. In order to build and scale applications and platforms, companies increasingly seek DevOps professionals who can communicate and cooperate across teams. Fintech and e-commerce experience is needed for digital transformation project managers.

Among the most in-demand roles are cybersecurity and information security specialists, software engineers, stack developers, digital marketers, and solutions architects. UAE tech candidates should possess skills such as influence, communication, and building relationships, according to Robert Half. Cloud computing and Amazon Web Services skills, as well as knowledge of front-end and back-end programming languages, are highly in demand.

Securing a Safe and Healthy Workplace:

The consumer products, technology, and e-commerce industries are expected to add more employees to their payrolls in the coming year. Restructuring, redundancies, and performance management are some skills that are in high demand, since many organizations are still balancing restructuring and hiring. The demand for recruiters with large volume hiring experience is high, according to Robert Half. The likelihood of candidates who possess resilience and organization is higher than that of candidates who do not possess these traits. It is highly desirable to hire candidates who are capable of overcoming challenges and introducing flexible working smoothly in uncertain times, as well as creating positivity in challenging situations. Junk Classic Cars FL Services

From the perspective of finance and accounting:

Following a pandemic-related headcount reduction, several tech and digital roles have seen “phenomenal growth.” A significant number of companies underwent restructuring during the pandemic, especially those in the hospitality and aviation industries. After Expo 2020, they will be able to recover more quickly.” The companies that are looking for talent include e-commerce companies, fintech companies, real estate companies, retail businesses, management consulting firms, and pharmaceutical companies.

A finance manager, financial controller, FP&A manager, financial analyst, and finance director are among the most sought-after jobs in finance. A great deal of emphasis is being placed on candidates who have Arabic skills as well as technical skills, which include international reporting and financial modeling. Soft skills in demand include a growth mindset, adaptability, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and communication.

Sector-specific financial services:

Businesses are also looking for financial services professionals to fill vacant and new positions to support their growth efforts. Candidates who are capable of filling senior roles, such as CFOs, are most sought after. Business owners are hiring compliance staff and heads of compliance along with fund accountants, finance managers, and finance directors. “Government-driven tech start-ups are boosting the demand for senior financial services jobs in the UAE, according to Robert Half.” The chances of landing a job offer are higher for applicants with teamwork skills, problem-solving skills, and global experience. Employers are looking for candidates who can fill hybrid, tech-focused positions within their teams, such as technology chief financial officers.

Businesses in the country are seeking accountants, cybersecurity experts and other professionals, according to recruitment specialist Robert Half. It is, however, difficult for many employers to find qualified candidates.

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