There are a lot of brands in the market that all sell the same kinds of products. Along with the quality of your product, how it looks is very important if you want to stand out from your competitors. Packaging boxes are an important part of a good display. With customization, there are no limits to how these boxes can look. Here are some important design tips for making these boxes stand out:

  • Unique Shapes for Packaging Boxes

Boxes can be made in any form you want, which makes it easy to support creativity in terms of shapes. There are many different kinds of flexible materials that can be used for packaging. So, making packaging boxes in unusual shapes is a great way to get more attention from the target market. Use hexagonal, oval, or pyramid-shaped boxes instead of square ones. Even from far away, brands stand out because of their different shapes.

  • Adding Inserts

After using sturdy materials to make custom printed packaging boxes, adding inserts makes them more protective in some ways. This makes your product look good and gives it a luxury appeal. Inserts made of foam or papers are used by most high-end brands. Also, they hold the product in its place and give a good box-opening experience. 

  • Die Cut Windows

Die-cut windows let potential customers see what’s inside the box without having to open it. These windows have transparent sheets on them that let people look inside. This kind of information makes people more likely to buy. Also, cutting these windows in new and interesting ways amazes customers and makes them look nice. For example, to improve the look of your packaging, you could use star-shaped or diamond-shaped windows.

  • Embossing and Debossing

Embossing means a raised area from the box’s surface, and debossing is pressed from the surface. Top brands use these techniques to make their logo imprint look amazing. With such printing of packaging boxes wholesale, the chances are high that customers will remember your brand name. They also feel so good when you touch them. Therefore, for branding, consider such advanced technologies.

  • Trendy Themes for Packaging Boxes

When deciding on the final designs for your boxes, you should look at the trends that your biggest competitors in any industry are following. When big companies start a trend, other companies follow them. For example, stories are now in use to connect with customers. You can also use this storytelling theme to make your packaging look fantastic.

  • Adding Tissue Wrap

Wrapping your products in tissue paper adds another layer of excitement to the unboxing experience by making people want to see what’s inside. Brands use tissue paper printed on or coloured tissue paper in their custom packaging boxes to make an elegant appeal. Such detailing depicts your commitment towards your customers.

  • Custom Stickers

Stickers are an ideal choice as you can use them in many ways. Also, they are not too expensive. If you use tissue paper, you can also seal it with a brand-name sticker. Or, instead of having your customized packaging boxes, try using stickers to brand your packages on a budget. You should also thank your customers for their purchase by including a few extra stickers and a short note.

  • Clear and Attractive Fonts

The fonts on your products’ boxes say something to the people you want to buy from you. Even though there are many options, keep the letters and numbers on your packaging design simple. The most important thing is to be attractive and clear to read. You want your fonts to be easy to read and understand, whether you’re using them for your brand, product name, or things like ingredients or warnings on the packaging.

Packaging boxes can make a product successful by winning the hearts of the potential market with aesthetics and creativity. You can stand out from the crowd with unique ideas. As mentioned earlier, the tips provide insight into the availability of various opportunities in terms of design. The selection of any idea depends upon the branding requirements and your available budget.

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